Magical. Mystical. Macedonia.


That’s where our story begins. Our founder, Vera Stavroff, was born and raised in Bitola, North Macedonia. As a child, Vera learned about the ancient Macedonian tradition of collecting and using medicinal herbs in everyday life. She enjoyed helping her grandmother collect herbs that grew wild in the majestic, untouched countryside, and afterwards, was fascinated by her grandmother’s extensive knowledge on how to dry, store, and prepare tea. This healthy, natural lifestyle inspired Vera’s lifelong passion for plants and science.

When Vera’s family immigrated to Columbus, Ohio in 1970, she continued to embrace her passion for plants and science, earning an engineering degree from The Ohio State University, and later working in product development in the health and wellness industry. Driven by a desire to share the Macedonian way of life with the western world, Vera partnered with Alkaloid AD, the most trusted pharmaceutical company in North Macedonia for over 80 years. She founded Herbal Science in 2003 in New Albany, Ohio.

Today, we produce our Good Nature Teas with a strict pharmaceutical mentality, according to the quality standards defined in the European Pharmacopoeia,  while continuing to embrace the ancient Macedonian traditions that Vera learned as a child. This means that all our teas are always Healthy, Pure, and Honest.